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1770's Horatio Gates Engraving

Horatio Gates



Frame: 11 1/8” x 9 3/8”; Sight: 6 ½” x 4 5/8”


Horatio Gates: A Military Career Highlighted by Saratoga and Camden

Horatio Gates started his military career as a British officer before switching sides to join the American forces in 1772. He became a major general after participating in several campaigns and eventually joined the Continental Army. Gates played a crucial role in securing a significant victory for the Americans at the Battle of Saratoga in 1777, which is considered a turning point in the American Revolution as it resulted in France's formal entry into the war on the side of the Americans. Despite his success at Saratoga, Gates' reputation was severely damaged by his army's devastating defeat against British forces at the Battle of Camden in 1780. He was relieved of his command after the battle, effectively ending his military career. Gates later pursued politics and served as the New York Society of the Cincinnati's president, an organization of Revolutionary War officers. He passed away in 1806 at his home in New York.


This engraving is believed to have been created during Gates' tenure as president of the Board of War, a position he held from 1778 to 1780. The title, "Le Général Gates Chef de l'Armée Américaine, qui fit capituler le Général Burgoine au Camp de Sahratoga," translates to "General Gates, Chief of the American Army, who made General Burgoyne surrender at the Camp of Saratoga."

1770's Horatio Gates Engraving

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