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1780 Horatio Gates - David Wooster Engraving

Horatio Gates - David Wooster



Frame: 14 ½” x 11 ¼”; Sight: 6 ¾” x 3 ¾”


Insights on Military Leadership and Popular Commemoration during the American Revolution through Horatio Gates and David Wooster's Engravings


Horatio Gates and David Wooster's engravings offer valuable information not only on the military leadership during the American Revolution but also on the popular medium of the time used to commemorate significant events. These engravings were published in different cities, indicating the widespread interest in the Revolution across the colonies. Engravings were also used to depict significant battles and events of the Revolution, serving as a visual record of the war and influencing public opinion. The popularity of engravings during the 18th century was due to their relatively low cost and accessibility to a broad audience. Skilled artisans used various techniques to produce intricate and detailed images, which were then reproduced in newspapers and other publications. In conclusion, the engravings of Horatio Gates and David Wooster provide a glimpse into the military leadership and popular commemoration during the American Revolution, and their widespread publication attests to the significant role visual media played in shaping public opinion.

1780 Horatio Gates - David Wooster Engraving

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