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1783 General Benedict Arnold Engraving

General Benedict Arnold



Frame: 13 ½” x 11”; Sight: 6 ½” x 4 ½”

After Du Simitiere; drawn from life in Philadelphia. Illustration to European Magazine, 1783

Benedict Arnold is a well-known figure in American history. He was a general in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, but he is perhaps most famous for his betrayal of the United States. Arnold was planning to surrender the fort at West Point to the British in exchange for money and a commission in the British army. However, the plot was uncovered, and Arnold fled to British lines. Despite his treachery, Arnold was still a skilled military commander, and the British put him to use in several battles. After the war, Arnold moved to England, where he lived out the rest of his life. This engraving from 1783, drawn from life in Philadelphia, provides a fascinating glimpse into the appearance of one of the most infamous figures in American history.

1783 General Benedict Arnold Engraving

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