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1824 Washington Lafayette Ribbon

George Washington - Marquis de Lafayette


C. 1824-25



During his tour of America from 1824 to 1825, Marquis de Lafayette, the esteemed French nobleman and military leader, received warm admiration and gratitude. Known for his crucial role in the American Revolutionary War and his close ties to General George Washington, Lafayette's journey across the young nation was filled with grand receptions and celebrations, highlighting the deep appreciation of the American people for his support in their fight for independence.


Traveling through different cities and states, Lafayette experienced the lively atmosphere of New York City and the serene charm of southern plantations. Everywhere he went, crowds gathered to witness the presence of this heroic figure who had championed their cause against British rule. His tour not only represented a personal journey of reflection and reunion but also symbolized the enduring bond between France and the United States.


The lasting significance of Lafayette's visit continues to resonate in the hearts of many Americans who honor his legacy and the principles of freedom and democracy he stood for. Beyond a mere historical occurrence, his tour serves as a reminder of unity and strength in challenging times, offering inspiration to future generations.

1824 Washington Lafayette Ribbon

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