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1830 Marquis de Lafayette Broadside

Marquis de Lafayette



Frame: 25” x 16 ¾”; Sight: 22 ¼” x 14”


A Stunning Hand-Colored Woodcut Broadside of Marquis de Lafayette from the 1830s.
This exquisite print was likely published as a commemoration of Lafayette's tenure as the leader of the National Guard. This type of woodcut was created for the rural population, it features "Le General Lafayette/Commandant En Chef Les Gardes Nationales De France." Printed by Pellerin, Imprimeur - Libraire in Epinal, this piece is a rare and fascinating example of the centuries-old tradition of disseminating political, military, and religious information to rural communities. This tradition was widespread in northeastern French cities such as Epinal, Metz, and Nancy.


The National Guard played a crucial role in maintaining order and protecting the revolutionaries from counter-revolutionary forces during the French Revolution. Lafayette's appointment as the leader of the National Guard was a significant moment in the revolution, as it marked a turning point in the fight for liberty, equality, and fraternity in France. As commander of the National Guard, Lafayette was tasked with ensuring the military unit remained loyal to the revolution and its principles. He was also responsible for defending Paris from potential attacks by foreign armies, which posed a constant threat to the fledgling republic. Despite numerous challenges, Lafayette remained dedicated to the cause of the revolution and continued to fight for the people of France until his death in 1834.

1830 Marquis de Lafayette Broadside

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