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  • Grover Cleveland: 14.5” x 61” Wool and Silk Table Cover. Colorful handiwork in the style of a crazy quilt. The central burgundy color panel sits on top of a small table while the end panels hang downward. The best feature is a 3” x 16.5” silk campaign ribbon for Cleveland, printed in black on red, populated with campaign slogans related to honesty and integrity in government. We have never seen this particular variety before, but if that wasn’t enough, the seamtress added some added touches of her own, including a sprig of flowers and the slogans “Tell the Truth!” (Cleveland’s response to allegations about fathering an illegitimate child) and “Burn This” (Blaine closing words in the incriminating “Mulligan Papers”). Some fraying and loss to two white patches adjoining the ribbon which remains in great condition. The balance of the cover is bright and undamaged. A great artifact from the election of 1884.

    1884 Grover Cleveland Wool and Silk Table Cover