Daniel Webster Bronze

Daniel Webster (1782-1852) 

Thomas Ball/CW Nichols


C. 19th C



Massive 1853-Dated Bronze Statue of the Highest Quality. This bronze work could not possibly be surpassed in this medium. The quality of the sculpture, attention to detail, and rich patina are simply marvelous. Signed on the back of the base, "T. Ball, South Boston, Mass 1853", and "patent assigned CW Nichols". Ball (1819-1911) was an accomplished American sculptor, perhaps best known for the equestrian statue of George Washington in Boston Public Garden, as well as the Lincoln Emancipation Group at Washington. A huge version of the present Webster statue stands in Central Park, New York City. Ball's work had a profound effect on monumental art in the United States, especially in New England. 

Daniel Webster Bronze