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General George Armstrong Custer Stadning Bronze

General George Armstrong Custer 

Stadning Bronze

Gary Joseph Schlidt (1938-2021)

16" ht


The Magnificent Bronze Sculpture of General George Armstrong Custer by Gary Joseph Schlidt


Gary Joseph Schlidt renowned artist from Montana and a member of the Montana Blackfeet Tribe, created a stunning bronze sculpture of General George Armstrong Custer in 1974. The sculpture is a substantial and solid piece, depicting the legendary western figure with his hand on his hip, binoculars in hand, and sword at his waist in its scabbard. Schlidt's artwork has been featured at the C.M. Russell Auction in Great Falls, Montana for many years, and he is a founding member of the Northwest Rendezvous of Art group. Schlidt is an accomplished artist with notable works in oil, watercolor, and bronze. 


General George Armstrong Custer played a significant role as a cavalry officer and commander in the American Civil War and Indian Wars. He is best known for his unfortunate defeat and death at the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876. Custer was a flamboyant and polarizing figure, recognized for his long blonde hair and flashy attire. He earned his stripes in the Union Army's Army of the Potomac during the Civil War, where he climbed the ranks to become a brigadier general at just 23 years old. In the Indian Wars, he was implicated in a series of controversial incidents, including the Washita Massacre of 1868. During this time, he and his troops killed more than 100 Cheyenne and Arapaho people, many of whom were women and children. Despite his divisive legacy, Custer remains a complex and captivating figure in American history, and his life and career continue to be the subject of much scrutiny and analysis.

General George Armstrong Custer Stadning Bronze

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