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Grover Cleveland: Wonderful Post-Election Cartoon Ribbon. Unique 2 3/4” x 8 3/4” cotton ribbon printed in black on red, titled “President Cleveland, 1885-1889.” It pictures a crowing Democratic rooster exclaiming “He Got There, Eli and Don’t You Forget It!” In contrast, a stereotypical Irishman appears below, captioned “Blaine Got There, In Your Eye!” following by an incriminating quotation by Blaine from the “Mulligan Papers” ordering the recipient to “burn those letters and remember me when I am gone”. Some ink smudging at top, a few minor pinholes, folds, a small hole in lower right corner, good condition overall. It appears a previous owner “tattooed" the letter “B” onto the lip of the Irish voter.Probably the best of the genre which was popular in the 1884-1892 period. 

Grover Cleveland Wonderful Post-Election Cartoon Ribbon