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  • An outstanding period circa 1765 mezzotint of Major General James Wolfe before the battle at Quebec in September of 1759. The image depicts Wolfe and his troops assembling for battle on the Plains of Abraham. After J. S. C. Schaak, the original image of Wolfe with arm extended to the left was likely first engraved from an eye-witness sketch by Hervey Smythe, Wolfe's aide du camp at Quebec and published in 1760. This version was produced shortly after the original and is an unofficial image with Wolfe pointing to the right, engraved by Richard Purcell, and inscribed "Corbut fecit." 


    Date: 1765 

    Condition: Excellent with some minor flaking to Wolfe's right coat cuff. 

    Size: 19" x 15" Frame 

    Major General James Wolfe Mezzotint