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Martin Van Buren Folk Art Wall Plaque

Martin Van Buren: Folk Art Wall Plaque. Impressive carved wooden display, measuring 16.5" x 11" overall. The top part has an acorn finial and sheath of wheat. A star-studded horseshoe is suspended below, encircling a five-pointed star with inserted paper portrait of Martin Van Buren, likely published by Nathaniel Currier. The wood is gilded. Given that the insert was likely excised from a composite of all the presidents (first introduced in 1844), we feel this wonderful piece dates from 1844 when Van Buren was a hopeful or 1848, when he ran on the Free Soil ticket. The best Van Buren 3-D item! 


Missing three stars on the horseshoe. The sheaf of wheat has a lateral split in the middle.

Martin Van Buren Folk Art Wall Plaque

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