Plan of the City of Washington 



C. 1800-1810

11 1/4" 


One side features allegorical figures of America and Britannia, their shields and arms set aside, viewing together a plan of Washington, D.C. loosely derived from the Andrew Ellicott plan of 1792. On the reverse, a memorial obelisk bears the caption "Washington in Glory, America in Tears." Beneath the spout a sixteen linked states transfer, which is the only jug we have seen large enough to display this massive transfer. 



Arman, Anglo-American Ceramics Part I, Transfer Printed Creamware and Pearlware for the American Market 1760-1860, p. 35. McCauley, Transfer Designs on Anglo-American Pottery, p. 129, n. 265 and pl. XXXII; p. 90, n. 65 and pl. XXV; and p. 107, n. 153 and pl. XXVIII. The Washington plan is not noted in Iris Miller's Washington in Maps.

Plan of the City of Washington Jug

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