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1781 John Paul Jones Engraving

John Paul Jones 

Jean Michel Moreau


C. 1781 

10" x 8" frame, 8" x 5 3/4" sight


John Paul Jones, a distinguished naval commander and the architect of the United States Navy, was born in Scotland in 1747. After relocating to the American colonies, he played a pivotal role in the American Revolutionary War. Recognized for his audacious strategies and resolute leadership, Jones gained renown for capturing British vessels and his unwavering dedication to naval warfare.

Throughout his illustrious career, John Paul Jones showcased exceptional strategic prowess and profound patriotism. His iconic statement, "I have not yet begun to fight," uttered during a pivotal naval engagement against the British, epitomizes his unyielding resolve and fortitude in challenging circumstances.


John Paul Jones' legacy as a naval icon perseveres, with various ships, naval installations, and even a naval destroyer named in his honor. His contributions to American naval history endure as a source of inspiration for generations of seafarers, underscoring the significance of bravery and perseverance in the pursuit of liberty and righteousness.

1781 John Paul Jones Engraving

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